Contact Us 80 Gold Street – Water Line Repair for over 250 Families

Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer was called in to provide emergency water line repair for over 250 plus families at 80 Gold Street. The City issued a notice on an 8 inch fire line, the line was in excess of 150 feet and goes across Gold Street from West to East, running down the sidewalk for over 100 feet before entering the building. Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer, changed 8” line and 6” fire line and 6” domestic line because of the poor existing conditions, pipe was broken in two places, one in sidewalk and one break in roadway. With New York Presbyterian Lower Manhattan hospital right across the street, we had to properly ensure roads and sidewalks were safe for pedestrian and vehicles, and make sure our work did not slow down the emergency vehicles entering and leaving the hospital. Working around the clock from December 26, 2014 – January 18, 2015 we were able to maintain water service to the building throughout the entire project. We are pleased to show the letter of recommendation we received from the building management thanking us for our work.

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