Correcting Illegal Sewer Line Repairs And Sewer Replacement

The Figliolia Family is the foremost expert servicing New York City since 1932. A proven reliable water and sewer repair leader for over 80 years, we will attend to all your sewer repair and sewer line replacement needs. Whether you own a small home or manage numerous buildings, Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer will handle all your sewer needs. Don’t let a clogged sewer turn into a health hazard. There is no sewer job too big or too small for us. We have been expertly repairing and replacing entire sewer lines for over 80 years.

NYC has many companies that try to take the easy way around sewer jobs. They end up installing illegal sewer liners in your home. SEWER LINERS ARE ILLEGAL IN NYC

The New York Department of Environmental Protection and the NYC Department of Buildings have stated that sewer linings are illegal and not an approved repair method. There are many reasons why linings are not approved. Some of which are; The coat defects without correcting then (backpitched pipe, disjointed pipe, root intrusions, crushed pipe, etc.). They cut off branch connections (area drains, rain leader lines, storm sewer connections, neighboring connections, etc), and they can intrude into the public sewer system.

We will do the job legally and correct! Don’t get scammed. This will cost spending thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Some Plumbers will risk your health by installing PVC pipe for your building house sewer which is not allowed by The Department of Environmental Protection, and unless it was designed by a New York State architect and engineer and approved by both DEP and DOB PVC pipe cannot be installed!

DOB has stated that they have had these PVC sewers come apart.

If this happens at your home, raw sewage could leak into the ground and could flood your homes and could contaminate your home and your water supply, and even the city’s water supply.

As per the New York City office of emergency management avoid contact with sewer water as it poses a serious Health Risk!

If your building has a PVC house sewer contact Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer LLC for your free price quote to replace the PVC Pipe, you may be entitled to received compensation to replace the PVC pipe with extra heavy cast iron pipe.

Please contact Alex Figliolia Water & Sewer, LLC. And we will do the job legally and correct! Don’t get scammed. This will cost you spending thousands upon thousands of dollars. For more information about pipe lining repair not legal in NYC visit: PDF for more information.