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What type of installations require an inspection?

Most subsurface sewer and water line installations require an inspection from either the DEP or Department of Buildings. If proper inspections are not arranged and the work approved, the sign-offs will never be issued.

Sewer Line Work

Any sewer work regardless of whether a new installation, upgrade, disconnection, or repair requires an inspection. If a sewer permit is secured in NYC and no inspection is arranged that permit will remain an ‘open item ‘ and could delay a sale of the property and prevent a certificate of occupancy form being issued. If the work is for a disconnection for demolition of the property the demolition will not be signed off.

Water service line work

In the City of New York when a main water line is installed as new, there are cases when an inspection is not required. Domestic water services (services that do not provide fire protection) up to 2″ in diameter do not require a NYC DEP inspection. If a sign-off is required for such work the Licensed Master Plumber that performed the installation is permitted to submit an affidavit to the NYC DEP. The DEP will then issue a sign-off based upon the plumbers’ affidavit.

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